[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392536] 2.14.01rc2 and later cannot compile libjpeg-turbo

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--- Comment #1 from gabriele balducci <balducci at units.it> ---
Same here during firefox-65.0b4 build on linux; the compilation fails on a file
with the same name, which, I guess, is taken from libjpeg:


      /usr/bin/nasm -o jchuff-sse2.o -f elf64 -F dwarf -D__x86_64__ -DPIC -DELF
error: label `.. at 19..EMIT_BYTE_END' inconsistently redefined

      [... long stretch of similar warnings/errors ...]


2.14.01rc{3,4} fail, where 2.14 works fine.

I have put together a minimal tarball for reproducing the issue here:

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