[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392543] Pain with %arg names in macro expansions

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--- Comment #1 from James Harris <james.harris.1 at gmail.com> ---
The original macros.

; proc ... endproc

%macro proc 1-*
  %ifctx proc
    %error "Already in a 'proc' context"
  %push proc
  %define _._procname %1
  %stacksize flat
  %assign %$localsize 0
  %rep %0 - 1
    %rotate 1
    %arg %1:dword
  push ebp
  mov ebp, esp
  push edi
  push esi
  push edx
  push ecx
  push ebx

%macro endproc 0
  %ifnctx proc
    %error "Not in 'proc' context"
_._procname %+ .done:
  pop ebx
  pop ecx
  pop edx
  pop esi
  pop edi
  pop ebp
  %pop proc

Invocations which lead to failures

proc char_write, stream, ch
proc string_write, stream, stringp
proc natural_write, stream, number
proc integer_write, stream, number

In those, Nasm seems to have problems with 'streams' and 'number' because they
are used more than once.

(This is just to show what the intention was. Will post a simpler, more
complete case which can be used to replicate the problem)

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