[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392454] Missing support for VAES instructions

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Tue Feb 6 08:12:32 PST 2018


--- Comment #9 from Tomasz Kantecki <tomasz.kantecki at intel.com> ---
rc3 seem to suffer the same problem.

I am getting "no instruction for this cpu level" error and the instruction is
pretty straight forward:

        vaesenc zmm0, zmm0, zmm4

Change like this in insns.dat  fixes the problem but it doesn't seem right

-VAESENC                zmmreg,zmmreg*,zmmrm512         [rvm:fv:
evex.nds.512.66.0f38.wig dc /r]        AVX512,VAES,FUTURE                       
+VAESENC                zmmreg,zmmreg*,zmmrm512         [rvm:fv:
evex.nds.512.66.0f38.wig dc /r]        AVX,SANDYBRIDGE          

Is there something obviously wrong with "AVX512,VAES,FUTURE" combination that I
am missing?

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