[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392527] New: __OUTPUT_FORMAT__ not defined in file included with -p

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Sun Nov 11 11:06:25 PST 2018


            Bug ID: 3392527
           Summary: __OUTPUT_FORMAT__ not defined in file included with -p
           Product: NASM
           Version: 2.14 (development)
          Hardware: Other x86
                OS: Mac OS
            Status: OPEN
          Severity: annoyance
          Priority: Medium
         Component: Assembler
          Assignee: nobody at nasm.us
          Reporter: martin.huschenbett at posteo.me
                CC: gorcunov at gmail.com, hpa at zytor.com, nasm-bugs at nasm.us
     Obtained from: From OS distribution

Hi NASM team,

I have two files bug.inc and bug.asm which look as follows:

;; bug.inc
%ifndef __OUTPUT_FORMAT__
  %fatal '__OUTPUT_FORMAT__ defined as ', __OUTPUT_FORMAT__

;; bug.asm
%define foo bar

When I run `nasm -f macho64 -p bug.inc bug.asm` I get the following error:

  bug.inc:2: fatal: '__OUTPUT_FORMAT__ defined as ', __OUTPUT_FORMAT__

When I include bug.inc using an %include directive and run `nasm -f macho64
bug.asm` everything is fine.

I've installed nasm using homebrew on Mac OSX 10.14 (Mojave). `nasm --version`
tells me:

  NASM version 2.14 compiled on Nov  8 2018

Many thanks,


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