[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392532] panic: assertion pass0 == 0 failed at output/outobj.c:1915

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Sat Nov 24 07:57:21 PST 2018


--- Comment #7 from stsp at list.ru ---
(In reply to Cyrill Gorcunov from comment #6)
> Well, to be fair, hard to tell. I personally almost forget when I used omf
> for own needs, maybe about 15 years ago,
Yes, and since then, no good tools under linux
have emerged to support that format. Well, there
are only the watcom derivatives, like jwlink/jwlib,
which are not GPLed.

> so I don't remember the details
> about this output format. Still I think the main reason is that nobody
> needed it before. And actually I wonder why you're interested? Are you
> planning to consider elf output instead of omf in long term?
If you look into a log of the original freedos:
you'll notice that they already ported to gcc+binutils(elf).

fdpp is a clang-powered project, and I don't have
as many developers as they have (in fact, this is a
one-man's project), so for me it would be great to
avoid the troublesome asm porting if there are any
hopes for nasm to just extend an elf support.

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