[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392533] Considerations for segment support in ELF

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Fri Nov 30 16:40:33 PST 2018


--- Comment #9 from stsp at list.ru ---
With the following script:

while read -a line_a; do
    [ -z "$line" ] && continue
    SEG=`echo $line | cut -d " " -f 3`
    [ -z "$SEG" ] && continue
    SYM=${line_a[$((nb - 1))]}
    GRP=`grep " $SEG" $1 | grep "group " | expand | tr -s "[:space:]" | cut -d
    [ -z "$GRP" ] && continue
    echo %define _SEG_$SYM $GRP

I can do
objdump -t kernel.elf | ./segs1.sh ../../kernel/segs.inc

... and get the output in this form:
%define _SEG__disk_api_tos DGROUP
%define _SEG__char_api_tos DGROUP
%define _SEG___ib_start I_GROUP
%define _SEG___ib_end I_GROUP

... which will probably allow me to
implement the SEG as a macro, in the limited
use-case of mine. Would be nice if nasm could
do that for me.

By the way, if you implement the plan you
outlined, I wonder how will you provide the custom
linker script that is needed for this to work.

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