[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392553] Write source for AND but NASM produces ADD

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--- Comment #2 from C. Masloch <pushbx at 38.de> ---
You write that 83 E0 40 is an ADD instruction, but it isn't actually:

-e 100 83 e0 40
AX=0000 BX=0000 CX=0000 DX=0000 SP=FFFE BP=0000 SI=0000 DI=0000
DS=1209 ES=1209 SS=1209 CS=1209 IP=0100 NV UP EI PL ZR NA PE NC
1209:0100 83E040            and     ax, +40

As shown in https://ulukai.org/ecm/insref.htm#insADD there is a form of ADD
that starts with 83h, but it uses /7 in the spare field of the ModR/M byte. E0h
is 1110_0000b, ie the spare field has 100b = 4, which is a form of AND:
https://ulukai.org/ecm/insref.htm#insAND  Note that the spare field of the
ModR/M byte is in the middle, not in the top three bits.

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