[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392553] Write source for AND but NASM produces ADD

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Yes, I discovered that too, when I dug out a newer datasheet (I had been
looking an an 80186 one). Which led me to the real problem, which I think is
another bug.

If I assemble these lines:
  CPU 8086
  SHL AL,4
NASM correctly says "no instruction for this cpu level", because that's a 386
instruction. So I know it's checking instructions for the processor level.

But if I assemble these lines:
  CPU 8086
  AND AX,0x0040
with optimization turned off (-O0) it gives the expected 8086 instruction, but
with optimization turned on (-Ox) it gives the 386 instruction. So the
assembler honors the CPU 8086 directive, but the optimizer does not.

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