[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392533] Considerations for segment support in ELF

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--- Comment #24 from TK Chia <u1049321969 at caramail.com> ---
Hello hpa,

Thank you for your write-up and your information about H. J. 
Lu's implementation.

One thing I am still not sure about though is where and how the 
segment relocations will be generated in an MZ executable's 
MZ header (or in a Windows NE file, etc.) --- since in general 
an OS might load an executable at any starting segment in 
physical space.  These were issues I also tried (in a way) 
to tackle in my current R_386_SEGMENT16/_RELSEG16 hack.

Should I take it that a R_386_SEG16 relocation will result in a 
relocation entry in the output MZ file?  If so, how should the 
MZ relocation entries be handled at the linking stage --- e.g. 
should they get sections of their own, as with e.g. .rela.iplt?

Do let me know what you think.

Thank you!

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