[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392533] Considerations for segment support in ELF

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Sat Jul 27 18:19:56 PDT 2019


--- Comment #49 from H. Peter Anvin <hpa at zytor.com> ---
"I think one problem is that I want to do a very specific kind of subtraction
and addition.  I am looking at something along the lines of your slightly
earlier proposal (https://bugzilla.nasm.us/show_bug.cgi?id=3392533#c17), i.e.
relocations to subtract the base of the _output_ section which a symbol (say,
"foo") belongs to."

Sorry, it doesn't work.  Neither input nor output sections are correct for
segment base. It breaks even something as trivial as DGROUP in DOS, which
inherently contains at least _DATA, _BSS, and _STACK. It really isn't
acceptable to just ignore that and force them all into a single section with
identical attributes.

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