[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392533] Considerations for segment support in ELF

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--- Comment #58 from TK Chia <u1049321969 at caramail.com> ---
Hello hpa,

> gas is a very low-level assembler, so it is not likely you are going to get
> a lot of direct support for doing things programmer-transparently. However,
> other than the .reloc hacks (which are only needed because I have made
> *zero* changes to gas) everything should be doable with pure textual
> substitution.

Well... it is hard.  I cannot even figure out how to implement it inside nasm. 
And I think that is saying something.

For the proposed scheme, whenever a symbol is defined in a section, we will
need a way to magic up an extra symbol _and_ an extra section.  Plus, for each
reference to an undefined symbol, we will need to magic up a reference to some
other undefined symbol, _plus_ an extra relocation.  This will need to happen
at _some_ point in the compilation stages (gcc driver -> cpp -> cc1/cc1plus ->
gas -> ? -> ld -> ?).  It looks like the changes needed for this will end up
being pretty intrusive in the long run.

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