[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392533] Considerations for segment support in ELF

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--- Comment #67 from TK Chia <u1049321969 at caramail.com> ---
Hello hpa,

> I do have one question: would it be correct to assume that gcc knows the
> list of external symbols that are referenced outside the module? Since gas
> doesn't have, or at least doesn't need, an extern directive, it would be
> useful if gcc would emit .weak directives for the corresponding ! symbols
> (only really needed for mixed mode programming, but still...)

Yes, I think so.  But it all seems to me that it is just adding unneeded
complexity on top of an already complex solution to what is, at heart, a rather
simple problem.

Basically we just need to apply an adjustment to each R_386_{8, 16, 32, PC8,
PC16, PC32} that will be produced.

The best time to do that is when the toolchain is about to produce the
relocations themselves — rather than trying to intuit at the GCC level whether
this "foo" reference in the midst of some expression tree will appear as an
R_386_PC8 etc.

And this is what my code is trying to achieve.

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