[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392679] [Feature request] Macros whose content is listed verbatim (including comments) to listing file

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Tue Jun 9 05:30:49 PDT 2020


--- Comment #5 from C. Masloch <pushbx at ulukai.org> ---
Here's the implementation of my trick. The script [1] creates the temporary
include files indicated by delimiters in the source. The source has to add
these delimiters and also an option to choose to include the temporary files
instead of using the original macro content [2]. Then the listing file is
generated with the desired fully-commented opcode listing [3]. This is an
example of that:

$ mktmpinc.pl *.asm
Emitted 27 lines to "error.tmp" from "boot.asm"
Emitted 232 lines to "read.tmp" from "boot.asm"
Processed 7112 lines in 6 files
$ for fat in 12; do nasm -I ../lmacros/ boot.asm -D_FAT$fat=1 -D_COMPAT_FREEDOS
-l boot${fat}fx.lst -o boot${fat}fx.bin -D_LBA=1 -D_CHS=0 -D_LBA_SKIP_CHECK=1
boot.asm:337: warning: Possibly crossing 64 KiB boundary while reading file
boot.asm:1575: warning: FAT12: 39 bytes still available. [-w+user]

[1]: https://hg.ulukai.org/ecm/mktmpinc/file/4e2a9ebc5f2b/mktmpinc.pl
[2]: https://hg.ulukai.org/ecm/ldosboot/rev/b394f54d9d31
[3]: https://ulukai.org/ecm/test/boot12fx.lst

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