[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392774] Large define lists crash recent NASM

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Thu Aug 25 09:28:31 PDT 2022


--- Comment #2 from C. Masloch <pushbx at ulukai.org> ---
It seems like this is the revision which introduced packing text inline into

Before this, a token with short text (eg a comma, or a decimal number below
"65536") would take up exactly as many bytes as were required to hold the text,
as well as the token structure (including a pointer to the text). After this
patch, each token would unconditionally take up at least 64 bytes (when the
assembler is compiled for amd64 long mode).

Ideally I'd like to create a patch that allows a run time selection of the
token size (64 vs 32, as 32 bytes suffice to build lDDebugX symbolic) but that
seems more complicated. Is there interest for such a patch? If no, can NASM
unconditionally use 32 bytes for the token structure instead of the calculation
that led to 64 bytes in long mode?

Or should I patch and build NASM separately for my use case?

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