[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392826] NASM Listing address defect if [org VALUE] not zero

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--- Comment #8 from Erdogan Tan <erdogantan at singlix.com> ---
MSDOS.SYS has 2 sections.. IO.SYS loads MSDOS.SYS at a temporary memory
location  SYSINIT code (in IO.SYS) knows offsets (in MSDOS.SYS) and moves
DOSDATA segment to next of IO.SYS data segment at memory. And moves DOSCODE
segment to another location at memory. (But the code in DOSCODE segment uses
DOSDATA fields/pointers/labels many and many times, so if code and data
segments both are used in same file and assembled together --> Numeruous
structure and address declerations are eliminated because labels are in same
source code file.

This is what for i need a binary file with multi section (basically code and
data segments together without filling bytes between them. Microsoft used this
method but used many source code files -more than 40 for MSDOS 6.0-  and linked
them to one binary file.)

I have used 3 asm files (loader, bios, sysinit sections by using 'incbin'
method) for IO.SYS and 1 asm file fopr MSDOS.SYS (next time i think i will be
able to use 1 asm file for IO.SYS by using multi section method.)

(Retro DOS final version will be -derivation- re-development of IBM PCDOS 7.1
with FAT32 file system support. I need to dissolve MSDOS 6.0-6.21 before that.)

I am using NASM for developing Retro UNIX 386 (special adaption of PDP-11 unix
and its successors..), TRDOS 386 (32 bit OS project).. Retro DOS development
helps me comparing TRDOS 386 with MSDOS (buffer handling methods specially) .. 

As result of kernel development subject.. To see correct addresses on listing
file is importan for me... While comparing  original and devired kernel or
application files.

Thanks to developers of NASM for these...


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