[Nasm-bugs] [Bug 3392837] expand any %expr used in %warning/%error/%fatal

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Tue Mar 7 06:52:29 PST 2023


--- Comment #2 from Michael <mikar_gibbros at yahoo.com> ---
"4.4.4 %eval() Function" has a typo and %expr(a+b,a*b) should be changed to

; with my code
%warning size: %eval(_size) ; works!
%warning size: %eval($)     ; does not work
; %error and %warning are issued on the final assembly pass when pointer values
should be known and also no code is modified by these debug logs.

This confusion is connected to some other documentation issues:

4.2.1 could have: 
    %define xyzzy(=expr,&val) expr, str
changed to:
    %define xyzzy(=eval_result,&expr_str) eval_result, expr_str

4.11 could have:
    %if foo > 64
        %assign foo_over foo-64
        %error foo is foo_over bytes too large
changed to:
    %if foo > 64
        %error foo is %eval(foo-64) bytes too large

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