[nasm:master] insns: add vector instructions from ISE 046, Sept 2022

nasm-bot for H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Nov 14 17:33:05 PST 2022

Commit-ID:  4369faf827ac431fb1c61ddc657cffd8f521cf20
Gitweb:     http://repo.or.cz/w/nasm.git?a=commitdiff;h=4369faf827ac431fb1c61ddc657cffd8f521cf20
Author:     H. Peter Anvin <hpa at zytor.com>
AuthorDate: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 17:28:52 -0800
Committer:  H. Peter Anvin <hpa at zytor.com>
CommitDate: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 17:28:52 -0800

insns: add vector instructions from ISE 046, Sept 2022

Add vector instructions from the Intel Instruction Set Extensions
document, version 046, September 2022.

Still need to check for missing instructions that have already passed
through the ISE into the SDM.

Signed-off-by: H. Peter Anvin <hpa at zytor.com>

 x86/iflags.ph |  3 +++
 x86/insns.dat | 36 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 39 insertions(+)

diff --git a/x86/iflags.ph b/x86/iflags.ph
index a2c35c11..cc638138 100644
--- a/x86/iflags.ph
+++ b/x86/iflags.ph
@@ -104,6 +104,9 @@ if_("CMPCCXADD",         "CMPccXADD instructions");
 if_("PREFETCHI",         "PREFETCHI0 and PREFETCHI1");
 if_("WRMSRNS",		 "WRMSRNS");
 if_("MSRLIST",           "RDMSRLIST and WRMSRLIST");
+if_("AVXNECONVERT",	 "AVX exceptionless floating-point conversions");
+if_("AVXVNNIINT8",       "AVX Vector Neural Network 8-bit integer instructions");
+if_("AVXIFMA",           "AVX integer multiply and add");
 # Put these last to minimize their relevance
 if_("OBSOLETE",          "Instruction removed from architecture");
diff --git a/x86/insns.dat b/x86/insns.dat
index 75ae9e36..3ec13a03 100644
--- a/x86/insns.dat
+++ b/x86/insns.dat
@@ -6307,6 +6307,42 @@ VSUBPH		zmmreg|mask|z,zmmreg*,zmmrm512|b16|er	[rvm:fv: evex.nds.512.np.map5.w0 5
 VSUBSH		xmmreg|mask|z,xmmreg*,xmmrm16|er	[rvm:t1s: evex.nds.lig.f3.map5.w0 5c /r]	AVX512FP16,FUTURE
 VUCOMISH	xmmreg,xmmrm16|sae			[rm:t1s: evex.lig.np.map5.w0 2e /r]	AVX512FP16,FUTURE
+;# AVX no exception conversions
+VBCSTNEBF16PS	xmmreg,mem16				[rm:	vex.128.f3.0f38.w0 b1 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SW
+VBCSTNEBF16PS	ymmreg,mem16				[rm:	vex.256.f3.0f38.w0 b1 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SW
+VBCSTNESH2PS	xmmreg,mem16				[rm:	vex.128.66.0f38.w0 b1 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SW
+VBCSTNESH2PS	ymmreg,mem16				[rm:	vex.256.66.0f38.w0 b1 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SW
+VCVTNEEBF162PS	xmmreg,mem128				[rm:	vex.128.f3.0f38.w0 b0 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SX
+VCVTNEEBF162PS	ymmreg,mem256				[rm:	vex.256.f3.0f38.w0 b0 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SY
+VCVTNEEPH2PS	xmmreg,mem128				[rm:	vex.128.66.0f38.w0 b0 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SX
+VCVTNEEPH2PS	ymmreg,mem256				[rm:	vex.256.66.0f38.w0 b0 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SY
+VCVTNEOBF162PS	xmmreg,mem128				[rm:	vex.128.f2.0f38.w0 b0 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SX
+VCVTNEOBF162PS	ymmreg,mem256				[rm:	vex.256.f2.0f38.w0 b0 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SY
+VCVTNEOPH2PS	xmmreg,mem128				[rm:	vex.128.np.0f38.w0 b0 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SX
+VCVTNEOPH2PS	ymmreg,mem256				[rm:	vex.256.np.0f38.w0 b0 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SY
+VCVTNEPS2BF16	xmmreg,xmmrm128				[rm:	vex.128.f3.0f38.w0 72 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SX
+VCVTNEPS2BF16	ymmreg,ymmrm256				[rm:	vex.256.f3.0f38.w0 72 /r]	AVXNECONVERT,FUTURE,SY
+;# AVX Vector Neural Network Instructions
+VPDPBSSD  	 xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128			[rvm:	vex.128.f2.0f38.w0 50 /r]	AVXVNNIINT8,FUTURE,SX
+VPDPBSSD  	 ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256			[rvm:	vex.256.f2.0f38.w0 50 /r]	AVXVNNIINT8,FUTURE,SY
+VPDPBSSDS  	 xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128			[rvm:	vex.128.f2.0f38.w0 51 /r]	AVXVNNIINT8,FUTURE,SX
+VPDPBSSDS  	 ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256			[rvm:	vex.256.f2.0f38.w0 51 /r]	AVXVNNIINT8,FUTURE,SY
+VPDPBSUD  	 xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128			[rvm:	vex.128.f3.0f38.w0 50 /r]	AVXVNNIINT8,FUTURE,SX
+VPDPBSUD  	 ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256			[rvm:	vex.256.f3.0f38.w0 50 /r]	AVXVNNIINT8,FUTURE,SY
+VPDPBSUDS  	 xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128			[rvm:	vex.128.f3.0f38.w0 51 /r]	AVXVNNIINT8,FUTURE,SX
+VPDPBSUDS  	 ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256			[rvm:	vex.256.f3.0f38.w0 51 /r]	AVXVNNIINT8,FUTURE,SY
+VPDPBUUD  	 xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128			[rvm:	vex.128.np.0f38.w0 50 /r]	AVXVNNIINT8,FUTURE,SX
+VPDPBUUD  	 ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256			[rvm:	vex.256.np.0f38.w0 50 /r]	AVXVNNIINT8,FUTURE,SY
+VPDPBUUDS  	 xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128			[rvm:	vex.128.np.0f38.w0 51 /r]	AVXVNNIINT8,FUTURE,SX
+VPDPBUUDS  	 ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256			[rvm:	vex.256.np.0f38.w0 51 /r]	AVXVNNIINT8,FUTURE,SY
+;# AVX Integer Fused Multiply-Add
+VPMADD52HUQ     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128			[rvm:	vex.128.66.0f38.w1 b5 /r]	AVXIFMA,FUTURE,SX
+VPMADD52HUQ     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256			[rvm:	vex.256.66.0f38.w1 b5 /r]	AVXIFMA,FUTURE,SY
+VPMADD52LUQ     xmmreg,xmmreg,xmmrm128			[rvm:	vex.128.66.0f38.w1 b4 /r]	AVXIFMA,FUTURE,SX
+VPMADD52LUQ     ymmreg,ymmreg,ymmrm256			[rvm:	vex.256.66.0f38.w1 b4 /r]	AVXIFMA,FUTURE,SY
 ;# RAO-INT weakly ordered atomic operations
 AADD	   	mem32,reg32				[mr:	norexw np 0f 38 fc /r	]	RAOINT,FUTURE,SD
 AADD	   	mem64,reg64				[mr:	o64 np 0f 38 fc /r	]	RAOINT,FUTURE,SQ,LONG

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