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Tue May 3 20:07:01 PDT 2022

    thanks for your contribution to nasm. It is really cool!(except the order of parameter, if mov source , destination, I will like it more~)
    In nasmdoc,    there is a paragraph:
    NASM, since it has no intrinsic structure support, does not support any form of period notation to refer to the elements of a structure once you have one (except the above local-label notation), so code such as mov ax,[mystruc.mt_word] is not valid. mt_word is a constant just like any other constant, so the correct syntax is mov ax,[mystruc+mt_word] or mov ax,[mystruc+mytype.word]. 
    I am confused about "mystruc", wondering if it is mistaken as mytype?
    thanks again!
    best wishes!

yan_xiaofeng at qq.com
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